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English – Polish, Polish – English

Written translations

Written translations often involve the necessity to acquire specialist terminology. Specialised expressions contained in documentation require a knowledge of legal, medical, technical or business terms on part of the translator.

I perform certified translations, commonly called “sworn” translations, from and into English, on the basis of a Sworn Translator’s Licence granted by the President of the Regional Court in Gliwice in 2001 and, currently, on basing on the entry into the Register of Sworn Translators kept by the Ministry of Justice no.TP/1553/05.

Translations drawn up by me are presented as documents in various offices, courts or other institutions, including administrative authorities.

Out long-lasting experience in translations from English and into English language ensure that I do not only perform translations effectively, but also draw up complex documentation, depending on our customers’ actual needs. Such knowledge makes it possible to handle a given case comprehensively, avoiding unnecessary perturbations concerning possible formal shortcomings.

I put special attention to establish positive relationships and we prepare translations quickly and precisely, making every effort to satisfy our customers. My former customers say that the atmosphere of our office is unique, and they praise me for the friendly, individual and professional approach to all visitors. 

Written translations constitute the core of my activity!

Scope of services:

  • private and official correspondence (e.g. occasional greetings and wishes, private letters, visa applications, benefit applications, tax documents)
  • literature (e.g. translations of press articles, scientific papers, summaries of BA/Bsc, MA/MSc, PhD theses, translations of books of various domains) 
  • business correspondence (e.g. offers, orders, complaints) and official correspondence (official letters, applications) 
  • private and business documents (e.g. certificates, diplomas, student record books, transcripts of studies, identity documents, driving licences, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, certificates of title,, testaments, any types of certificates – e.g. bank statements, employment certificates etc.) 
  • court documents: laws, judgements (e.g. Divorce judgements, alimony judgements, adjudications, orders, decisions, petitions)
  • translations of web pages

 Sample projects:



Translation of court documentation for the District Court in Wodzisław Śląski

 Translation of documentation for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Rybnik


Book titled Wodzisław Śląski and European Heritage.  750th Anniversary of the Town.

Titles of selected books and articles translated for Studio Astropsychologii publishing house in Białystok from and into English:

“Ikony” (Icons) J. Tomalska,  “Kod Majów” (The Mayan Code) B. Hand-Clow,  “Geniusz Dzieci Indygo” (Beyond the Indigo Children) P. M. H. Atwater,  “Wszystko można uleczyć” (Anything Can Be Healed) M. Brofman,  “Wprowadź harmonię w swoim domu” (Harmonise Your Home) G. Gunn,  “Żyć w rezonansie” (In Resonance) Jasmuheen,  “Pokarm bogów” (The Food of Gods – Divine Nutrition) Jasmuheen.


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