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Oral translations – Interpreting

Oral translations require not only a perfect knowledge of language itself, but also concentration skills, reflexes and divisibility of attention, thanks to which interpreted statements strictly correspond to actual verbal expressions.

When interpreting, one cannot predict the exact scope of vocabulary and form of statements that will be chosen by the speaker, thus an interpreter should respond immediately in order to translate the sense of words as logically as possible.

Not all translators-interpreters possess relevant skills and abilities to perform such work. Lack of complex skills involving oral translations may lead to misstatements and inaccuracies which may, in turn, mislead the listeners.

Therefore, when choosing an interpreter, it is worth to take into account their previous experience, which gives you chance to cooperate with expected effects.

I execute various interpreting projects, including simultaneous, consecutive, via phone or during trips.

I have been performing translations from English and into English with great passion for over 20 years now. I make all and every effort to ensure atmosphere supporting effective relationships during our interpreting.

Scope of services:

  • business talks (e.g. establishing business contacts, negotiating terms of cooperation and contracts, presenting quotations, negotiating prices, order placement, participation in fairs, handling claims),
  • official talks (e.g. court trials and hearings, interrogations and investigations at the Police and in the prosecutor’s office, handling formalities in embassies, consulates and other offices, pre-nuptial protocols),
  • notarial affairs (e.g. articles of association, deeds of incorporation, real property sales agreements),
  • ceremonies (e.g. civil and church wedding ceremonies),
  • conferences.


Sample projects:


notarial deeds

Translations of notarial deeds performed at various notary’s offices in Wodzisław Śląski, Racibórz, Jastrzębie, Pszczyna districts (articles of association, real property or share sale agreements.


Consecutive translation

Consecutive translation of speeches presented by foreign lecturers at the International Business Meetings under auspices of the President of Wodzisław Śląski Mr Mieczysław Kieca

wedding ceremony

Translation of the civil wedding ceremony in the Registry Office in Wodzisław Śląski conducted by the President Mr Mieczysław Kieca

Translation of the open air civil wedding ceremony in EWA Wedding House in Piece




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