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Specialist translations

I have a vast experience in translations of specialist document in many areas of knowledge. I am able to face the most demanding projects.

Written translations, including certified ones, constitute the core of my activity!

I perform certified translations from and into English, on the basis of the entry into the Register of Sworn Translators kept by the Ministry of Justice no.TP/1553/05.

Taking into account legal, financial or ethical consequences related to specialist translations, I ensure a two-stage verification of my translations, aiming to eliminate any possible mistakes. Such verification is performed in several planes of compliance:

  • correctness of translation from a source language,
  • completeness of translation,
  • stylistic correctness and uniformity,
  • correctness of used trade-specific vocabulary.

When required, I ask other translators or native-speakers for verification, or consult relevant specialist.

I also cooperate with sworn translators of other languages (Italian, French, German).

I always have a valid third party professional liability insurance that ensure an additional guarantee of quality and safety.

Within the framework of our cooperation, you receive the translated document, signed and certified with a seal of the person authorised to perform the translation, containing their data.

 Scope of services:

  • law (all types of contracts and agreements, e.g. sales agreements, copyright transfer agreements, share agreements, commission agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreement, licence and service agreement, trade agreements, notarial deeds, deeds of incorporation, articles of association, powers of attorney, authorisations, declarations, certificates tax office, social insurance institutions, excerpts from KRS (national court register) and register of entrepreneurs, tender documentation (terms of reference), registration certificate, EC declarations of conformity, certificates)
  • patents (applications, descriptions)
  • medicine (e.g. results of medical examinations and laboratory tests, results of diagnostic imaging, medical history, hospital discharge cards, vaccination cards, health certificates, sick leaves, medical certificates, descriptions of vaccines, clinical trial agreements, guidelines concerning surveillance systems for medicinal products, medical appliances manuals)
  • pharmacy (e.g. medicine leaflets for patients, instructions of use for medicines and medicinal products, marketing authorisations for medicinal products, medicinal product characteristics)
  • bookkeeping and audit(e.g. financial statements (including consolidated), profit and loss accounts, cash flows, balance-sheets, lists of fixed assets, periodical reports)
  • banking (e.g. banking opinions and certificates, account statements, bank guarantees, letters of guarantee, hedging agreements, loan agreements)
  • finance (e.g. reminders, credit and debit notes, reconciliation of balances, periodical reports, invoices, sales documents, customs declarations, PIT, CIT)
  • insurance (e.g. insurance agreements and policies, descriptions of accidents, expert opinions)
  • trade (e.g. trade offers, correspondence, orders, certificates, standards, complaint letters)
  • audits (e.g. reports from internal audits, expert auditor reports)
  • European Union (e.g. regulations, directives, ordinances, decrees, Official Journals of European Communities and other legal acts)
  • technology (e.g. instruction manuals for various machinery and devices, mining, textile industry)
  • tourism (e.g. tourist guides, folders, atlas, town/city web pages)
  • literature (e.g. fiction, psychology, linguistics, religion, theology, geography, medicine, parapsychology, astrology)
  • automotive industry
  • marketing


Sample projects:

Medical documentation

Medical documentation concerning the operation of separation of the Polish Siamese twins in Saudi Arabia upon the order of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw through BT Proverbum in Warsaw in 2005. Medicinal products characteristics for Polfarmex S.A.



Articles in illustrated publications/albums:  

“Cztery pory roku – POLSKA” (Four Seasons – Poland) A. and W. Bilińscy, “Białystok i okolice” (Białystok and its Surroundings) P. Sawicki, H. Rogoziński, W. Wołkow,  “Podlasie – Supraśl – Puszcza” (Podlasie – Supraśl – Forest) W. Wołkow.

regulations, directives, decrees

A member of a team of EU translators in 2002-2005: regulations, directives, decrees, EC Official Journals and other normative acts for the Ministry  of Finance, Ministry  of Economy, OCEI, URTiP through BT Proverbum in Warsaw


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