Translation: English – Polish, Polish – English


Prices offered for translations depend on:

  • type of the order: ordinary translations – 1 page = 1800 characters, certified (“sworn”) translations – 1 page = 1125 characters
  •  direction of the translation: English – Polish, Polish – English
  • mode of translation execution: ordinary/express/superexpress
  • degree of specialisation

Price list for typical documents (certified translations):

ItemPrice (PLN)
Translation from English55
Translation into English65
Verification and certification of the translation provided from English30
Verification and certification of the translation provided into English35
Issuance of a copy of translation15
Express from English (for the next day) (+25%)80
Express into English (for the next day) (+25%)100
Translation on the day of order from English (+50 %)110
Translation on the day of order into English (+50 %)130
Translation of handwritten text from English (+25%)70
Translation of handwritten text into English (+25%)80
Translation of hardly visible copy from English (+25%)70
Translation of hardly visible copy into English (+25%)80
1 hour of oral translation in both directions +travel expenses300

The quoted prices are approximate and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.

Untypical translations and orders including a greater number of pages are evaluated individually.

DISCOUNTS for long-term customers!

Instant valuation, free of charge – during office working hours – max. within 2 hours (usually within 30 minutes) – please, call us, send an e-mail or contact us via messenger (FB).

The Office issues invoices.

The above prices are net prices. At present, Lancelot Sp. z o.o. is VAT-exempt, pursuant to Article 113 (1) of the Law on VAT (uniform text Journal of  Laws of 2017, item 1221). In case the exemption will be withdrawn, a VAT rate shall be added to the above quoted prices, according to binding regulations.

Oral translations

I execute various interpreting projects, including simultaneous, consecutive, via phone or during trips.


Written translations

I perform certified translations, English – Polish, Polish – English, on the basis of a Sworn Translator’s Licence no.TP/1553/05.

Specialist translations 

I have a vast experience in translations of specialist document in many areas of knowledge.


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